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Dining Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Dining Ceiling Tile Cleaning
Porous ceiling tiles are the most common type of ceiling tiles that you see in offices or Dining areas at restaurants. We receive a lot of calls asking if they are able to be cleaned, and the answer is yes. We use the same patented cleaning solution that we use for Kitchen ceiling cleaning. It works great, and is a cost effective way to eliminate left over residue of nicotine, odors, dust mites and general dirt that accumulates on ceilings. We use a process whereby we prep the area, then remove the physical dirt without damaging the tiles, then we spray our solution on which then takes about 8 hours or so to remove and eat the dirt away in microscopic particles that dissipate into the air. It works great, and we have turned many ceilings from a yellow color, back to their original white appearance.

Exceptions to the option of cleaning may be: previously painted ceilings, water stained ceilings, or ceilings that are just too old, and simply need to be replaced. We can definitely help you with that and we have replaced or installed millions of square feet of ceilings to date in Houston and outlining areas. DO NOT have your ceilings painted as it is the beginning of the end of your ceiling. The reasons you don’t want to are: your ceiling tiles will stick to the grid making them difficult to replace, or for technicians to get above your ceiling to perform work, you will alter and damage the fire rating and acoustical characteristics of the tiles, you will not be able to go ANYWHERE to purchase replacement tiles, and will end up with a checker board looking ceiling eventually. It is better to have them cleaned, and or replace the ones that need replacing. We are absolute professionals when it comes to matching your tiles, and we have long term credit lines with all the major manufacturers in the industry.

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Cleaned Dining Room Ceiling Tiles

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