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Kitchen Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Kitchen Ceiling Tile Cleaning
Kitchen ceilings are the most common type of ceilings cleaned. We utilize a nontoxic odorless biodegradable solution which works very well, even in difficult situations where you would think there is little chance for good results. The benefits of having trained professionals come in to do the cleaning are many. First, we use a safe and patented cleaner, something that you can’t buy at any retail stores. As well, it keeps your staff off ladders, which means less liability for you and your company, plus we clean everything on the ceilings to include: ceiling tiles, ceiling grid, light covers, speakers, alarm devices, emergency lights and exterior of hood vents. All work is performed after hours so as to not interrupt your business. We are trusted by many companies to work at their facilities, as we are a fully insured and bonded company. We have literally completed many many jobs doing this, and we have many long term happy clients. PLEASE don’t try to clean your ceiling with bleach or other chemical products, and absolutely DO NOT consider the option of PAINTING your ceiling tiles. It’s the beginning of the end of your ceiling, with no other options after that, except complete replacement. When you paint the ceiling, the tiles stick to the ceiling grid, also the tiles are virtually impossible to clean, and you completely alter the fire rating and acoustical characteristics.

Other reasons to use our company are that in addition to cleaning your ceiling tiles, we also can replace any ceiling tiles, grid, light lens covers, AC vents that need to be changed. We also have separate installation crews if a complete replacement is what you need. We have literally replaced or installed hundreds of new Kitchen ceilings in Houston and surrounding areas. Call for a free quote today.

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